The Field 2005-

I have been living on and off on a property in the Adirondack Park of New York for the past few years. East of the high peaks in the Champlain Valley, it is in a region where few farmers are holding on and many fields are reverting to an overgrown state. Within a week of moving in my wife and I were told by the farmer who was cutting hay in the fields that the hay was no longer worth cutting. He suggested planting corn as a way of improving the fields, a five year cycle that would see corn for a few years then ending with grass crops. We told him we'd think about it. Four years later we're still thinking about it and in the intervening time the field has been left to grow wild, mowed down every other year. These are images of time playing out in the fields and the edges, the stage on which we muddle about, not sure of our lines while the play goes on around us.


Field 058.4 June 2005

Field 211.1 October 2005

Field 62.5 June 2005

Field 168.2 September 2005

Field 279.2 July 2006

Field 352.4 December 2006

Field 360.2 December 2006

Field 002.3 November 2004

Field 346.1 December 2006

Field 042.8 March 2005

Field 043.04 March 2005

Field 236.8 December 2005

Field 255.7 March 2006

Field 238.3 December 2005

Field 293.9 August 2006

Field 319.7 September 2006

Field 247.6 April 2006

Field 461.8 November 2007